Thursday, 18 February 2016

♡ My Nightime Skincare Routine//ft.Chantaltia ♡

Hello everybody , so todays post is going to be my everyday skincare routine and this is a collab with Chantaltia and her post is on her Skincare Routine aswell so go check out her post click here.


Makeup Remover 

Before I start to do my skincare , the first thing I will do is remove my makeup and to do this I use Bioderma , which is quite hard to get your hands on here in the UK . But Boots now sells it , or the Garnier Micellar water is a great alternative.

So this is a recent discovery of mine it is the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover and you basically shake the bottle so it turns a lilac colour. Then you put it on a cotton pad and hold it onto your lid for a few seconds and it removes all your eye makeup istantly. I would highly recommened this as it is such a good product and is so affordale.

Cleanse & Tone  

To cleanse I use the Body Shop Seaweed facial cleanser , and the seaweed range is aimed to get rid of oil and to prevent blemishes. What I like about this product is that it is quick and easy to do. Then I will use th Simple Kind To Skin Toner as this is affordable and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.


To moisturise I use the Simple Kind To Skin light hydrating ,  the thing that I like about this is that it isn't heavy on the skin , and it's very affordable too.

These are the things that I use twice a week and not on a everyday basis

I use this facemask every week and this is from Superdrug and is aimed at people with oily and blemish prone skin. I wouldn't recommend this if you have sensitive skin as it can  be quite harsh on the skin, but it does help to clear out your blackheads, and reduce oiliness.

I have also been loving Nose Strips and I buy mine from boots as they are only £4 for 6. They help to minimise the blackheads around my nose.

Thank you for reading , I hope you enjoyed reading into my Skincare Routine.

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Sunday, 31 January 2016

♡Collective Haul // ft Soap and Glory, Real Techquies and more...♡

Hello everybody , so I went shopping last weekend with a couple of my friends and picked up a few things using money which I was kindly given to me from Christmas.

So I brought a Mac Lipstick to add to my collection and this is in Velevet Teddy and is a Matte finish, and this isn't drying whatsoever and I was so suprised by how long they last.

I ordered this from Amazon and I think it was reduced and was around £6 and this is the Sculpting Brush as I didn't have a brush to that was for contour. I really recommened this to any beginners to contouring or for anyone in who is looking for a new Contour Brush.

I needed to get a new foundation so I picked up the Loreal True Match which is such a good coverage and also is so blendable. Then I had to pick up another Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as I'm nearly running out of my other one and I find it so hard to find one as they are always out of stock.

I always get the Glamour Magazine as it's only £1 and I it really intresting as is great to read before I go to bed.
I finally got a Lush lip scrub as I have never had one before , and this is from the Valentines range and it smells amazing and has little tiny red hearts. It also really helps when I get dry lips.

So the last thing is a Hair Turban from Soap and Glory and this is so much better than using a normal towel , as it always used to come undone , where as with this is more secure.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed my little haul  , don't forget to follow me on blogger if you haven't already as it will notify you everytime I upload a new post.

Lots of Love

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

♡ Makeup Routine // Winter edition ♡

Hello everybody , so it's currently snowing as I'm writing this and I'm praying that it sets so I don't have to go to school tomorow ! Todays post is My Makeup Routine and this what I have been loving to wear throughout the cold winter months , and I hope you enjoy xxx

To prime my face I start off with the Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ which is such a versatile product and I spray this after I have moisturised and then once it's dried I put on the Maybeline Baby Skin in Cool Rose and this minimises redness and keeps my makeup on all day and is my favourite drugstore primer.
I then use the Loreal True Match foundation which is my new love and I apply this using the Real Technqiues Miracle Complexion Sponge and this is so belndable and I love applying it with the sponge as its easier to cover up any redness or spots.

I use a Mac eyehsadow which I got for Christmas and this is in Cranberry and is a Frost finish. It's a plum colour with copper undertones and is such a great shade for Autumn and Winter.

 Before I apply any mascara I curl my eyelashes as mine naturally point down so curling them helps to add a little bit of volume. The mascara that I use is the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast and this is  my all time favourite mascara as it adds length , volumises and seperates your lahses, and if you haven't tried this you definitely should.

Then I used the Benefit Real Cheeky Party set and I used Hoola to contour and bronze , to highlight I used Whats Up and Benefit honestly do the best highlighters. To add a bit of colour to my cheeks I used the Coralista Blush and this is such a pretty colour and and it adds a bit of glow to your cheeks too .

For my lips I have been going for a nude / pinky look and I use the Too Faced melted in Melted Peony and then to add a bit of shine to my lips I used the Sexy Mother Pucker in Rose and Shine. I don't have a photo of it but I sometimes wear Velvet Teddy from Mac.

I hope you enjoyed and I hope that you all had a lovely weekend,I have also started an instagram account so if you would like to see that then click here.

Love VintageFleur xx

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

♡ Drugstore Favourites ♡

Hello everybody , so it seems ages since my last post I have been so busy lately and I hope that you all had an amazing christmas ! So this post is a collab with the wonderful Fleurs Violetts post click here.

So one of my favourite primers is the Maybeline Baby Skin and as it's so afordable and it makes my makeup last for such a long time.

So it was no suprsie that my favourite concealer is the Collection Lasting Perfection £4.19 this has such a creamy formula and is great for covering your under eye circles and any redness or blemishess. Then my favoourite foundation is the Rimmel Match Perfection £7.99 and this is meduim to full coverage and what I love about it is that it doesn't go orange on me at all and they have a good variety of shades .
Collection No Clumps is a great mascara if you are just starting out with makeup as it's only £2.99 this is amazing as it doesn't clump up and it lenghtens your lashes so much. The my other fav mascara Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara and it lengthens your lashes and volumes your lashes and it makes your lashes look flawless.


So it's no suprise that one of my favourite eye products is the Mayeline Colour Tattoos as these are around £6.99 and they have a wide variety of shades.They also don't crease which is great for a drugstore product and they act as a great base for the lid , and look amazing on their own too !


This pallete is by the brand I ♡ Makeup and they do great dupes for Too Faced products and many other high end brands. This is a great dupe for one of the Too Faced Chooclate Bar pallettes , and the pigmentation of these eye shadows is great , considering it is only £7.


This is another favourite of mine and again it's by the brand I ♡ Makeup and this is such a good dupe for the Too Faced Sweetheart Blush as I had been wanting it for so long , but I found out about this and it gives you alovely pink tone to your cheeks and adds a glow aswell.

So I have been loving the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker as I like the look of thse and they last on your lips for so long. Another favourite of mine is the Revlon Lip Butter and its in the shade Sweet Tart and I really love this shade and I also find them really moisturing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hopefully will be more active on my blog !

Lots of love

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Monday, 7 December 2015

♡Christmas Lush Haul♡#blogmas

Hello everybody so this is the start of my #blogmas series, and hopefully I will be posting quite frequently. So last weekend I went shopping and decided to buy a few more Lush bits as who can not love Lush's Christmas range ! I also did a Lush Haul a few weeks ago so if you want to go and check it out then click here.

These are called Five Gold Rings and they are bubble bars and are £4.95 and I love the smell of these in my opinion they smell of cinamon and are very sweet. This is new to this year and what I might do is use one each week leading up to christmas.

 This is Golden Wonder both bomb £3.95 and is probably one of my favourites , and it smells very citrusy. If you shake it you can hear a rattle , and I am definitely going to be saving this so I can use this on Christmas Eve.
I brought Rose Jam Shower Gel £4.95 as I have smelt the bubbleroon and it smells so nice , and I didn't realise that the shower gel was  limited edition so I had to buy it ! This smells very floral and sweet .

This is the Magic of Christmas re-useable bubble bar £5.95 and is new to the Christmas Range this smells of cinamon. I also love the way that it comes on a cinamon stick , as it looks very festive.

I also decided to buy Peeping Santa £3.95 and this is soo cute and is very photogenic. This smells very sweet and smells of strawberries and this great for those people who aren't a great fan of cinamon.

Thank you for reading this blog post , be sure to check out my future blog post as they will be Christmas related , if you have any suggestions for a blog post idea feel free to comment them down below.

Lot's of love

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

♡ Christmas Lush Haul ♡

Hello everybody, so on Saturday me and my friends decided to go shopping , and we went into Lush and they had all of their Christmas Range out ! So I couldn't stop myself from splurging out on some products. This is also a collab with the amazing MoonandRosess who is also doing a Lush haul be sure to  go and check out her blog as her photos are amazing , the link will be down below ! I would also like to thank Hannah for letting me borrow her camera, so if the quality has improved that's probably why ! So lets get on with the haul.

I brought Candy Mountain as it smells so nice , it smells like the shower gel Snow Fairy which smells like candyfloss and bubblegum, so if you don't really like sweet scents you might not like this. I also love the look of this bubble bar as it reminds me of a candy cane and whats great about it is that you can re-use it , and it was £2.95.

I saw this on a lot of Lush Haul videos on Youtube and I couldn't wait to pick this up. This is a shower jelly and you basically get a clump of it and rumb on your skin and it foams up just like a shower gel , but I really like the concept of it. This was £3.95 and what I love about it is it is in the shape of a bat , how cute is that! It says it that it has soothing aloe vera and it contains zesty lime , so it smells very citrusy.

This is the Cinder Bath bomb and was £2.65 and the thing which drew me to this bath bomb was that it contains popping candy which I thought was a nice twist and I think would make the bath look really cool. The scent of this is quite hard to describe but I'm going to try ,  I think that it smells fruity and spicy .

I also brought Snow Fairy and this is the classic scent which I buy every christmas as I just love it ! I brought it in 250 g which was £7.95 but the 100g was £3.95. It also has silver glitter in it to add a bit of sparkle to christmas ! I would describe the scent as very sweet and smells like candyfloss or bubblegum. I have to say this is one of my favourite products from Lush .

This is the Sparkle Pumpkin Bubble Bar and I was so upset as last year my local Lush had run out of stock so I couldn't buy it. I love this as it just looks sooo cute and autuminal, and I love the little stalk in the middle of it. It is sooo glittery aswell and it got everywhere when I was taking a photo of it but I love it still ! It was £3.65 and I would describe the smell as being sweet and fruity and I really love the scent of this , so I would recommend going and picking this up before it runs out of stock !
I brought this aswell to add to my collection and is the Lord of Misrule bath bomb which is part of the Halloween range. The thing which drew me to this product was when I was on Youtube I watched a Lush demo of this and it looked really good , so I can't wait to use this ! It smells to me personally like a mens aftershave but also smells sweet aswell and was £3.95.

This is the Magic Wand Reuseable Bubble Bar and this was £5.25,and I know it may seem a lot of money but because it is reuseable you will get a lot of baths out of  it . This smells like Snow Fairy so it is really sweet and I love the little bell on it as I think that it is such a sweet little touch. I believe that they added more glitter this time than they did last year. With this you just swirl it or run it under the tap. 
This is the So White bath bomb and this was £3.65 and this smells like apples and it smells really nice and sweet. This looks really simple but I watched a demo of this and it honsetly looks so nice in the bath and it smells so nice to!

Thank you for reading I hope this has got you excited for the Lush Christmas range and for Christmas even though it is like 2 months away!  Be sure to follow me ,as there will probably be another Lush haul very soon as I want to pick up some more Christmas themed bath bombs closer to Christmas.Be sure to comment down below what's your favourite product from Lush.

 Lot's of love

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

♡Bicester Village Haul♡

So I recently went to Bicester Village Outlet and this is such a big designer outlet and has so many stores. So I thought that todays blog would be what I got from there so I hope you enjoy !

 The first place that I went to was The Cosmetics Store and it sells high end makeup but is reduced, and this is honsetly my favourite store at Bicester. I was suprised by how big the Mac section was and they also sell brands like Clinique, Estee Lauder , Bobbie Brown etc. So I got a Mac Lip Glass £12.50 in the shade Right Image and is a sort of  a Barbie pink colour, and I would highly recommened them as the formula of them is so good. It lasts such a long time on my lips andi t also isn't a sticky formula and smells like vanilla. The other thing I got was a Mac blush £14 in the shade I'm a Lover and this is such a nice colour and is very pigmentated.

 So the first place that I went to was Cath Kidston as I love it. My mum brought me a sachet which you put in your drawers and it smells of Rose and is £2. Then I got a huge rubber as I just needed another rubber and was only £1.50, then I got a A5 notebook in her pretty cloock design and this was £3 and I will use this to jot down all my blog ideas in it ! I got 2 pairs of socks and these were £8 and I will be using these for my pamper nights as they have such pretty designs on them and are thick and cosy. I also saw this purse andit has a leather trim on the fastening and on the zip and this is such a good purse as it has a big section at the back for all your change and was only £14.

 Then I went into Ted Baker and I had been wanting a bag from there for ages and I finally got one ! This was £19.99 so such a bargain and it's quite small which is good for me and I love the bow as it rose gold and it has a pocket inside which is quite good to store your phone in.
 I also thought I would pop into The White Company whilst I was there and I smelt Pompelmo and I fell in love with it and I had to buy it. The scent is a mixture of  lemon, lime and grapefruit , and I brought the duo set which included a hand and nail cream and a cream hand wash which was £16 , and would make a lovely present.

So I hope you enjoyed this and  found this intresting, comment down below your most recent purchase as it wil give me inspiration as I want to go on another shopping spree ( sorry purse !) .

Lot's of love

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